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Our software allows us allows us to prepare any state returns needed to complete this process for you. Tangible returns, LLET returns for the state of Kentucky, and net profits returns are also part of our services.

Almost all individual returns are filed electronically. This allows for quicker, more accurate processing of these returns, and allows you to direct deposit your refund in about 10-12 days or receive a check in the mail in about three weeks. This service does not cost any extra.

Fuel tax, IFTA and other trucking returns are prepared at our office.

We will prepare your payroll and quarterly reports including your W2s or we will complete all the necessary reporting after you actually prepare the payroll. The Internal Revenue Service is requiring employers to use EFTPS so we are providing this service for all our payroll clients who need to pay their employer taxes electronically.

Financials and balance sheets are also prepared in our office so you can be more aware of the financial needs of your business.

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